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Odle Middle School: 2016 - 2016


Devhaven.io - Founder and Software Engineer: 2016 - 2016



Henry Zhu
October 27, 2016 · Public

First Android App

Henry Zhu
July 9, 2016 · Public

For my high school AP CompSci project, I decided to learn Python's Django web framework and Heroku's application architecture. Devhaven.io is what I came up with, which is a programming forum with an egronomical two-column layout (left side for threads, and right side for thread content), thread/response editing, syntax highlighting, powerful text editing features, thread link copying, and post flagging. Below are the links:

Devhaven.io Programming Forum: http://www.devhaven.io
GitHub Repository: https://github.com/HenryDavidZhu/Devhaven.io

Henry Zhu
June 28, 2016 · Public