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West Visayas State University: 2011 - 2014



Florence Matthew Besares
March 14, 2017 · Public

Bucky! Do you have Kivy videos? ^^

Florence Matthew Besares
January 3, 2017 · Public

Its been a long time since I visited this site again. ^^ Hello guys, happy Learning!

Florence Matthew Besares
July 7, 2016 · Public

Innovation is what I need. Neeeeed $$$$$

Florence Matthew Besares
June 29, 2016 · Public

The strength of the speaker is not in his grip on the microphone but by the need of a microphone or not.

Florence Matthew Besares
June 25, 2016 · Public

Bucky is a genius! This platform is something that any "learner" would like to join. My father is a School Principal and I would be glad to tell the students to hop in in this community.
*battle cry