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Bob Maylie
April 23, 2016 · Public

Looking for coding consultants for a local non profit "learn to code" group on Facebook. Our site isn't up yet but we forwarded the site's domain to the group.

Just need people to answer coding questions.

Bob Maylie
December 22, 2014 · Public

Need free 3d modeling software to make a prototype concept drawing. The dimentions do not have to be to scale but if possible id like to show functionality of the system. I was hoping the software would be easily learned, high quality, and ,as previously mentioned ,free. Any suggestions?

Bob Maylie
December 14, 2014 · Public

Need some help with openCV 2.4.10 (java Wrapper). any help would be appreciated
post to forum link:

code is posted.

Bob Maylie
September 7, 2014 · Public

Looking into a new laptop. Any suggestions? Thinking about Lenovo t440s with i7processor 12gb of memory and 16gb ssd

Bob Maylie
August 30, 2014 · Public

Can someone explain the invalid request everytime i try to comment? It seems to be happening with people ive friended as well