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sajal sangal
May 6, 2017 · Public

Is this site a trash now??

sajal sangal
April 27, 2017 · Public

Guys !!
If there's is anyone interested in robotics and stuff.. check on this site to buy the parts in the cheapest rates with 100% fine products..
It's a new site so everything over here is cheapest , just visit ones if you want to observe yourself..
It has also got international shipping
Check here

sajal sangal
April 13, 2017 · Public

Hello !! Hello !! Is anybody listening or everyone's dead...
The site has declined. great masters have fled and citizens are wandering around doin' nothing..
"iss anyone listening??" Is my voice echoing in this silent sea..

sajal sangal
March 5, 2017 · Public

Who loves Bucky??

Nan Delizo  >>  sajal sangal
March 1, 2017 · Public

hello.. I am a newcomers you change your profile pic ..