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Seyi Olateju
April 19, 2016 · Public

Bucky, i developed my php "Contact Mail" script using Context editor.. Please, how do i embed it in my already built site on Notepad ++?

Seyi Olateju
April 12, 2016 · Public

I have severally posted my challenge here seeking help but i'm not getting the love.
Just me, my laptop and my cracking head.. Thankfully, i keep scaling all the challenges before me. My first html/css/java/php website is 90% ready. However, one last hurdle is that, the site is displaying perfectly fine on my Google Chrome but not so on my IE and Firefox.. Please, can i just go ahead to upload it on my paid hosting?
What should i do please? Thanks people!!!

Seyi Olateju
April 11, 2016 · Public

Hello People, please i developed my website using Notepad ++. However, i developed the email contact form using Context editor and Xampp cos the file is in php format.
Please, how do i embed this form on my Html in Notepad ++? I wish to upload the site on a paid hosting server.. Thanks alot

Seyi Olateju
April 4, 2016 · Public

Problem number 2: Even though my problem number 1 is still unresolved, i wish to again, kindly plead for help on this one please.
My java scripts is'nt working on Notepad ++.. I did all bucky instructed but my video is'nt playing..
Please, help me people.. I need all the motivation i can get on this.

Seyi Olateju
April 3, 2016 · Public

Hello People,
I'm a newbie in chronic need of your help please. My site is coming up all nice and good on google chrome as suggested by Bucky. But the Firefox and IE is not cooperating with me please.
What do i do please? I need to publish my site soon.. Thanks alot