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ahmed bashir
November 26, 2016 · Public

hello evry 1 , hope u dion wel guys ,
nwadys am studyng win app store for win 8 , and it is realy confusing
because i think even teacher's r weak ,but any way i hav search 4 tutorials for win app and neva found helpfull one except that's which is belong to windows forms , it is kind of containing the same concepts of win store app in a different matter..SO MY QUESTION IS if i studyd those concepts of windows form such as ( wcf , tasks , filepicker...) would it going to help me to understand the same concept's thats belong to windows store app or am just goin to waste my time on them...?

ahmed bashir
April 21, 2016 · Public

why when we want to set a variable = nameofarray[counter].. we use += instead of using a normal equal sing..?

ahmed bashir
April 8, 2016 · Public

should i really need to learn xml..? and if so .. where would it going to take me to, and what parts should i need to know about...? pretty confusing !!!

ahmed bashir
April 4, 2016 · Public

Am really.. thanking THENEWBOSTON for being the one and only tool that was supporting and lifting me up along the way...but finally i quit the journey as the guy who quit tutorial-ling LIKE C# AN XML ( haha i was just kiding ) ..realy am serious
this is the end,, let us start chasing some wires..breaking some walls fuc networking
or shall i take a deep breath and think carefully or should i hang my self or what...any one help please ...???????

ahmed bashir  >>  Bucky Roberts
March 31, 2016 · Public

guys am looking for xml tutorials any 1 has any idea....?!!!
plz i need rply...???