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rajat singh
January 9, 2016 · Public

when we are giving refernce to a Relative layout in java file

ViewGroup Buckylayout
why we just cant use RelativeLayout Buckylayout =(RelativeLayout) findByid(R.id.RelativeLayout)

in line 14

tutorial number 34 animation and transition

rajat singh
January 8, 2016 · Public

hello my app is running well but the only problen is that i cant see the picture on the bottom fragmnet when am running the app the bottomtext and toptext are visible and working pretty sweeeet !! help me please and thanks

rajat singh
January 8, 2016 · Public

onAttach (activity activity ) override method is not overrided please help me

rajat singh
January 7, 2016 · Public

please help me not able to add fragmnets to the main activity xml file bucky file having Relative layout in the tutorial but am having this custom view type of thing how can i fix it