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Tsin Fung Johnny Lam  >>  Bucky Roberts
April 6, 2017 · Public

PHP Or Python?

Tsin Fung Johnny Lam
March 11, 2015 · Public

Every experts in Android Development. I need your help!
I'm developing an android application in which the user can record a video and subsequently upload the video to Youtube.

I have read a lot of information Youtube Data API documentation and have no clues how to make it.
I created a api key for Youtube Data API (Oauth).
I also know I need to use Google APIs Client Library for Java.
However, how to use it in Android?

It seems like there are no much videos or tutorials for implementing an app which can upload video to Youtube directly.

If you guys can help, I will appreciate it so much. Many Thanks!

Tsin Fung Johnny Lam
December 3, 2014 · Public

Finally got a Flashget-like tool in ubuntu...luckily...
Quick Download experience than ever...

Tsin Fung Johnny Lam
November 28, 2014 · Public

Long time no see.... How are you guys?

Tsin Fung Johnny Lam
September 3, 2014 · Public

laugh so hard