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Dezmen Sykes
April 9, 2016 · Public

Hello guys I'm in need of some decision help right now. Well I've been working on a framework in AngularJS that makes it easier to develop websites and mobile apps (using Ionic) and wish to continue using it for projects but with Angular 2 surfacing, I'm kinda lost on what I should do. Should i squash my current project and lean towards learning and mastering Angular 2 or just stick it out with my current project?

Dezmen Sykes
April 5, 2016 · Public

Sooo... Will AngularJS still need used and supported even with Angular 2 in the midst?? It would suck to have to start over and discontinue long-going projects...

Dezmen Sykes
June 22, 2015 · Public

Creating web applications with third party CMSs.. #BadIdeaOrNot?

Dezmen Sykes
March 25, 2015 · Public

That moment when you know all of the most popular courses
#YouRuleBucky !!

Dezmen Sykes
November 26, 2014 · Public

Need Ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!