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Monica Breitweiser
October 2, 2017 · Public

Now I'm in a Visual Basic class and I love to make things much harder than they are. Any VBasic friends out there? I hate IF Statements!!!!!!!! Any help with the Try.Parse along with everything!!!! lol That would help me bunches!

MessageBox.Show("Ciao Bella!")

Monica Breitweiser
July 1, 2017 · Public

I finally realized that in order to really understand coding you kind of have to start from the beginning. So here is the website for C++. It's very interesting because it explains programming languages

Monica Breitweiser  >>  Bucky Roberts
August 31, 2016 · Public

Hi Bucky!
I am playing and I am stuck on a rather easy challenge. I was hoping you could help me. This code wants me to count the int not add them in c#. So what type of loop should I use? Is there a video you can point me to that would cover such a thing as a simple counter?

Monica Breitweiser
March 28, 2016 · Public

can someone please help me understand navbars? I can do everything else but a navbar. I need to place it in the middle of my page and have the button change from image to another image on hover and engaged.

Monica Breitweiser
January 18, 2016 · Public

does anyone use template systems such as Go daddy's? I just want to add video to a basic site that my band mate started. Or can someone help me with the HTML for placing a video tag?