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Birthplace: Rothesay Isle of Bute (Scotland)
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Alec Sheen
December 8, 2015 · Public

Hi there i know there isn't a electronics section on here but i was hoping someone might be able to help with this. I have made this circuit but the problem is the led only reaches 5mA and that's not bright enough.

Changing R1 changes the charge time, and R2 changes the current going though the led but also changes the ability to each 0v, what i mean is if you lower R2 then the led never truly blinks off it kind of jumps from 3mA to 5ma or 3mA to 8mA if you lower R1.

So i have it set as R1=100K and R2=600 this gives me a nice pulsing slow fade i also changed the C1 from 10uf to 100uf.

So how would i go about reaching a maximum current of 20mA thought he led but still keeping my nice fade rate using a 9v battery.

Hope someone might be able to help :)

Alec Sheen
November 10, 2015 · Public