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Monty Mason
January 23, 2017 · Public

What up people?

Totally late on this but I hope 2017 is a good year for us all :).

Monty Mason
November 12, 2016 · Public

Comes back after like a week back on here hoping to check in on the forum posts I replied to. Scrolls down the stream wall to see what's up and sees "some" political talk taking place regarding Trump on a programming community platform.

Me: Hello, am I at the right place b0ss?


Monty Mason
September 3, 2016 · Public

Found this awesome fan film based on Dragon ball Z. Check it out! :)

Monty Mason
September 2, 2016 · Public

Very true, interesting and applicable to our world ever since the conception of human civilization and religion. Perhaps even more so with religious extremists.

It really is saddening sometimes to see how the human race evolved relying so much on religion, when it is science that is now working to ensure the survival of the human race for the future. I suppose it is what it is.

Monty Mason
August 21, 2016 · Public

Recently managed to finish Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. A damn good game that was, although the start was a slog to get through :/. I have noticed this trend in most open world games, at the start it is a pain to get through due to pacing issues and then it really gets going once your are decked out in good equipment (whether it be through story mission rewards or through grinding).

Also got my hands on the rest of the series on the PS3. Started playing AC 1, one can definitely tell they have come a LONG way from the first title. So many things in that game that just want to make you pull your hair out like no fast travel system (at least I haven't found one), or the fact that there are no subtitles and there are like at least 3-4 voices on screen at once in a busy market place. The sloppy controls don't help, but unlike Revelations, at least I'm not being flung around without warning lol.