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Lam Tsin Fung
November 6, 2015 · Public

A question to ask! Why the comment function of TNB is strange? There is only a single text field for the user to type in words. Why don't allow the user type into a multi line text fields. Coz sometimes it is hard to read what I have written and correct the mistakes.

Lam Tsin Fung
November 3, 2015 · Public

May I suggest Bucky should make a video on "Discrete Mathematics " because I think it would be super useful to those student in computer science major. Linear Algebra and Calculus are already covered but "Discrete Maths" which I think is more relevant to computer science, is still not done yet.

It is a little bit pity since I think thenewboston is capable to establish those funny videos on teaching this "Discrete Maths" and beneficial to the CS student.


Lam Tsin Fung
November 3, 2015 · Public

I forgot the password of my old account and no way to get it back.
I tried to click the "Forgot Password" and an email was sent to me.
I clicked the hyperlink from the email and redirected me to thewnewboston, a message like
"Invalid and expired link" comes up no matter how many times I try to request the "Forgot Password".

Anyone would know how can I get my old account back? I would appreciate it a lot. Many Thanks! T_T