Dear Bucky,
I love and respect your work and the efforts you put in, to make life simpler of countless people.
I am requesting you to change the way android apps are designed.
You also like App Inventor very much.
I dont know how it it will be achieved and more-soever what should be achieved.
Please Please and please make a solution to help us develop android apps as app inventor block programming process.
There are past efforts as Java Bridge and Tail(conversion system between blocks and text languages)
but none of them were able to deliver what is going to happen in coming next years.
answer this - Tell me, what will happen when all android apps, with highest complexities can be designed using the block design method as that of app inventor.I want you to turn this stone and make it a new milestone.
I dont know how it will be done, but only know this - you are the God of Tech and you are among the few, who can do it.