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Gender: Male
Birthday: May 28, 1997
Relationship: Single
Religion: Islam
Political Views: I am a Programmer not a Politician :)
Birthplace: Kenya
Current City: Nairobi




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Feisal Ahmed
November 13, 2015 · Public


Feisal Ahmed
June 19, 2015 · Public

I'm Backkkk!!!! :)
Guys i need a big support from you (TheNewBoston Community). I am heading forward to create an app (firstly IOS) and without your help I'm not gonna make it to the end. Please if you're willing to co-operate with me you're all welcome. Thanks :)

Feisal Ahmed  >>  Bucky Roberts
March 27, 2015 · Public

Hey Bucky..... Please help me out how to do the UICollectionView. It seems that most tutorials were outdated. Please do 1 video about it. An App like a wallpaper and if you click the one of the photos it should appear on another ViewController. Please forgive me for not using the forums coz i cant display the photo in that area.

Feisal Ahmed  >>  Mirlo guessmygender
January 5, 2015 · Public

Welcome to the Newboston Community! Have a blessed day :)

ahmedtarek mahmoud  >>  Feisal Ahmed
January 4, 2015 · Public

it is 10 pm in kenya now man :)