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john carlo de guzman
November 3, 2015 · Public

I have ventured through all the Java Tutorials B and I... Now that I am now in Java Mobile Application Developement i'm kind of not having fun. My Android Studio acts strangely slow ( why did i said strange? because sometimes it is slow, very slow, fast, and very fast). It slows my work time and brings a lot of stress. I might change and turn my way to C# --> And use VB as my IDE and i hope it is much faster. Java was fine, but the build time and run time makes me so sad.

john carlo de guzman
November 2, 2015 · Public

should i learn about Java Applets (learning basic/intermediate Java) in order to jump to Android Mobile Application Development?

john carlo de guzman  >>  Bucky Roberts
November 1, 2015 · Public

almost done with beginner Java and i had a lot of fun learning and learned a lot about basic concepts and codes, i'm gonna start intermediate Java as soon as i am done with beginner Java.... Thanks a lot sir Bucky

john carlo de guzman
October 30, 2015 · Public

john carlo de guzman
October 29, 2015 · Public

(Java vs C#)
I'm a new programmer and i'm thinking about learning Java or C# to build an mobile app... any suggestions on what language should i focus on? that will be good in the long run?