Hi Everyone. I am new to the community and to App development. I have several questions, I hope everyone will be patient with me.

I downloaded and installed Android SDK IDE and I downloaded and installed several versions of Java jdk. I even downloaded and installed NetBean IDE. I now realize I do not need NetBean IDE.

1. Should I uninstall NetBean?

2. Does having several versions of the Java jdk on the system cause problems?

3. While installing Android I got this message: "Failed to install Intel HAXAM. For details please check the installation log. “C\Users\tommylee\AppData\Local\Temp\nsaB591.tmp\haxm_silent_run.log”"

I clicked "OK" and continued to download. I tried to locate the "run log" file but not locate the "AppData" branch. So, I do not know if there would've been information there to help me understand the problem and solve it.

3. I followed all the steps in the tutorial up to opening Android as Administrator...I opened it as Administration and the program loaded with this error: "Error:(24, 13) Failed to resolve: com.android.support:appcompat-v7:23.1.0
Install Repository and sync projectShow in FileShow in Project Structure dialog"

Can someone please advise as to what is going on?

Thanks in advance.