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Points: 2
Gender: Male
Birthday: September 15, 1991
Relationship: In a Relationship
Religion: Buddhism
Political Views: Democratic
Birthplace: Ratnapura, Sri-Lanka
Current City: Panadura, Sri-Lanka


Royal College, Colombo: 2002 - 2010
University of Moratuwa, Srilanka: 2011 - 2016



Aruna Tebel
January 1, 2016 · Public

Now everything looks perfect! Apart from stackoverflow, this kind of a platform where programmers can hangout in an informal way is really great and it was much needed! Thank you Bucky Roberts for this!

Aruna Tebel
May 18, 2015 · Public

This is cool! :-)

Aruna Tebel
September 2, 2014 · Public