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wang da
October 14, 2015 · Public

As FIFA president election in February next year in the largest popular, UEFA president Michel Platini critical moment scandal. On Friday, the Swiss inspection bodies exposed alleged violation of FIFA Sepp Blatter interest paid to Platini sum payments worth 200 million Swiss francs in 2011.

A Swiss media reports, the FIFA Ethics Committee may have started investigating FIFA president Sepp Blatter and UEFA President Michel Platini, and the two top officials may soon be suspended.Swiss prosecutors on Friday Blatter and Platini are questioning were carried out, but the Cheap Fifa 16 Coins identity of the two differ. It is reported that Blatter is a "suspect" in questioning, and Platini will only be required to "provide information."

Platini claimed that he had received two million Swiss francs without any problems, which he as Chairman of the Special Adviser of the FIFA remuneration between 1999 to 2002, which has always been part of his money, his clear conscience. However, this explanation Platini not convincing. Daily Mail gives the analysis, people doubt its main two: why 1999 to 2002 work, have to pay again in 2011 after nine years, which is obviously not reasonable; and FIFA to Cape Latini play money time is very sensitive, that is what FIFA general election four months ago.According to reports, the FIFA Ethics Committee spokesman classes Patel hinted in an interview, Blatter and Platini for the investigation has been launched:

"As soon began to suspect that the investigation department of the Ethics Committee will open formal program. "Ban Patel insisted that such a rule for anyone in the world of football are applicable, regardless of who it is, and regardless of their rank.Another source said that Blatter and Platini are likely in the near term was suspended FIFA.

Blatter was suspended once, then it is likely ahead of the FIFA presidential election will be open; and Platini suspended, he will miss the FIFA president election last October 24 the deadline conducted, then he We will miss the FIFA president election on February 26 of next year. Because a mere two million Swiss francs, it could lead to 10 years has been cultivating the image of the collapse of FIFA politics, the price for Platini is really big.

wang da
October 14, 2015 · Public

FIFA sent a letter warning the Hong Kong Football Association Welcome to website, FIFA sent a letter to the Hong Kong Football Association, Cheap Fifa 16 Coins to its attention, "Chinese Hong Kong national football team some fans in June this year in two home games in the World Cup qualifier against the national anthem booed" event.

It reported that some fans in Hong Kong in June this year in two 2018 World Cup qualifying home games in the Chinese national anthem played on the spot, "Anthem," booed. It is reported that Hong Kong could face ban the home fans in the stadium to watch this November at home against the Chinese national team in penalties.Since 1997, the transfer of sovereignty of Hong Kong People's Republic of China, "Anthem" has been all sports teams as Hong Kong's official anthem. Hong Kong Football Association announced a week ago, the FIFA Disciplinary Committee received a letter on July 10 on its official website. The world's highest football governing body stressed in the letter: "The audience should respect the principles of fair competition at any time." FIFA also pointed out: "These principles not only apply to the case of the Council and its tournament team, also including their own FA and the team.

"According to the FIFA Disciplinary Regulations Article 67 Part 1, the Football Association belongs to the home team shall be responsible for the misconduct of the home fans, whether the act was intentional or inadvertent. FIFA may be fined under the circumstances, in the case of severely disrupted the game will likely be further punishment: including the requirement for the game behind closed doors, will abstain on the tournament, and other points as well as disqualification.

Hong Kong FA chairman Liang Conde said FIFA has until this incident very seriously, I hope the fans in the next home game not to have the same behavior, otherwise the consequences will be very serious. FIFA refers to two races are China Hong Kong team in June 11th and the 16th home victory over Bhutan and Fifa 16 Coins the Maldives respectively match