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Mohd. Haider
January 10, 2017 · Public

Hey Bucky, You are doing a great job by providing free educational videos to the Peoples... I was going through your Java Applets course under the Intermidiate java section... And I have found on the internet that tag is no longer supported by many of the web browser...But it does supported by firefox.. but whenever I try to run the html page a msg is written on the page that you need plugin to view the content... I wanna know which plugin firefox is talking about..Thanks for your time.. :)

Mohd. Haider
February 27, 2016 · Public

Hey bucky!! you are doing a great job..the way you are teaching is phenomenal. i wanna do graphics in c++ but could not found any videos regarding this. so i want u to upload that videos asap .. Thanks :)