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Robyn Jaime
November 27, 2014 · Public

Hi bucky. Just wanted to know if there is a document on the various JAVA methods such as .getContentPane. I've seen this and many others in codes and I don't know what some mean or when to use which.

Many thanks,
Robyn (South Africa)

Robyn Jaime
November 13, 2014 · Public

Hi Bucky. I'm new to JAVA and wanted to know from you or anyone on the forum how the java methods such as JOptionPane.showMessageDialog() and getcontentpane() work. These two are just an example of the many methods I find myself not understanding when trying to read code. Is there a document that explains which methods are used when and what they mean? How do I know which method to use when if I'm writing a program of my own?

Thank you and kind regards