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sfolje 0
March 30, 2016 · Public

I need quick response and help from you hosses!
I am buying new phone and I need to know if desired smartphone with 1GB ram running Android Lollipop (5.1) will have huge laggs or will run smoothly. Pearson using it will have just basic needs (no need for multitasking).

If you own any lollipop device with 1GB ram please post your laggy performances.

sfolje 0
February 20, 2016 · Public

I have to thank every single one who recommended Mr robot series and I can approve that they are dontknowhowtoexpresskindof great. Feel free to watch them.

sfolje 0
February 18, 2016 · Public

Interested in pomodoro technique.
ya know when programming, setting 20min timer with 5min break; "Francesco Cirillo created the Pomodoro Technique in 1992 after a long search to improve his own study habits."

sfolje 0
September 12, 2015 · Public