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Gender: Male
Birthday: June 5, 1990
Relationship: Single
Religion: Cathlic
Birthplace: South Africa
Current City: Auckland



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Vaughan Testa
January 22, 2016 · Public

Hey Guys Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Years. I have a quick question to anyone who has completed the C++ tutorials of Bucky's. Is this going to be enough to get an entry level job in programming or would I need to do a lot more, and if so what do you suggest.

Thanks Guys.

Vaughan Testa
August 20, 2015 · Public

Hey guys, Hope everyone is well.

I have a quick question and was wondering if some-one may be able to help me out. I've completed the c# email sender project exactly the was it was shown, however I seem to have a problem running it. If I run it in the debugger it doesn't want to run it comes back saying something about the compiler not working, and when I run it as an exe, in the bin folder it opens but freezes once I hit send, and I'm unsure of what is happening, I am new to the programming world and I may be doing something wrong but there are no visible signs of any errors. I'm using visual studio 2015 community if that makes a difference,


Vaughan Testa
August 14, 2015 · Public

Hey Everyone, Just introducing myself,
I'm Vaughan Testa, I'm a beginner in programming and just getting the hang of things. First aThanks to Buck for putting up this site it's been a tremendous help to me as a beginner getting into programming. I'm currently on C# and having a little bit of a struggle with somethings as they are a little out of date but It gives me a chance to research and correct mistakes and learn at the same time.


Vaughan Testa
August 10, 2015 · Public