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che nat
February 22, 2017 · Public

che nat
February 22, 2017 · Public

I live in a culture where a significant group of people are beginning to wake up to the reality that time is a limited resource. I'm giving up busyness as a badge of honor and learning how important it is to choose how i spend my time.
Like money, if i mindlessly spend my time, I'll wake up one day and realize there is no time left. Worse than that i won’t know what i spent it on.
Why is it so hard to choose what commitments to keep and which to leave behind?
Did you know those who under-commit have more control over their lives and more to offer to the world than those who over-commit? When you have margin left at the end of your day, and energy left to give, you have choices about what to do with it.
Those who stretch themselves to the very end aren’t left with the same flexibility.
Maybe you’re already on the path to simplifying your life and being frugal with your time. Maybe not. Either way, any improvement is a step in the right direction. You don’t have to live your life stressed and over-worked. There is a better way.