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Points: 2
Gender: Male
Birthday: May 5, 1985
Relationship: Single
Religion: christian
Political Views: power emanets from the barrel of guns
Birthplace: Rivers state
Current City: port harcourt

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Rex Ogbonna
August 9, 2015 · Public

i want u to teach me web design so dat i can be a master like u some day

Rex Ogbonna
August 9, 2015 · Public

i am a guy who jst graduatde frm university but no job yet so i decided to learn web design on my own so dat i can make a living out of lyf. i love ur videos dy are awesome.but d problem is dat the codes are too many n confusin to undastand but i beliv with time and patience i can be able to learn it.i need for videos plzzzzzzzz..............