I am working on a GUI that makes two graphs with randomly generated bars. The numbers of bars in each graph can be inputted in the GUI and that number of bars is generated randomly in the graph. Even if the numbers in the input are the same the graphs both don't have the bars in the same place.

I am trying to add a section where i can change the probability of the graph which will be a percent in decimal form. So if the probability of both the pBW and pWB are 0 then the top graph and the bottom graph will exactly be the same. if the probability of pBW is .1 and the other is .2 than that means that there is a 10% chnace that the the black bars will become white as in just go away and a 20% chance that a black bar will randomly generate in the white space.
https://drive.google.com/open?id... Imgur imgur link link to the graphs pic and what i mean by black bar and white space
So any tips on where to start?