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Sha Kal
August 5, 2015 · Public

I got this feeling that i absorbed too much information today learning C, have been sitting here for like 7 hours straight coding, figuring things out and playing around and my brain is still kinda processing that, and i know if i continue to watch tutorials further that i am going to get confused as fuck :D.

It's 5 am here almost and i'm not sleepy at all so what the F do i do now haha. Yesterday i ordered my 3x3 Rubick's Cube, should be here tomorrow morning so i am going to have something to do in between C lessons..

Just another stupid post :D

Sha Kal
August 3, 2015 · Public

Is anyone having problem posting code on the forum. It kind of deletes half of it...I am new here and this may be broken for awhile, bu ti dont know, so im asking? :D

Sha Kal
August 2, 2015 · Public

Hello everyone !!! /wave

Sha Kal
August 1, 2015 · Public