I am a beginner and i have started working on html5 few days ago. I have got knowledge about html and css. But I have got problems in html5. I watch videos and follow the same steps in notepad++. But I couldn't understand why I am not getting any output. Whenever I type the text which is exactly as same as that in the videos, I get same normal text every time. Whether I put any styles or not, I get the same output. For eg., you can assume that in "html5 videos", video no. 6,7 &8. I am not getting any changes in the text, though I am making changes to the original text.

So I request you to please help me out. I am not able to figure it out. I hope anyone of you will help me.

I will also let you know that I am following all the basic rules that I should follow. i.e. Making a separate folder and clubbing all different pages from which you are making a website into a single folder.