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Points: 35
Gender: Male
Birthday: January 15, 1914
Religion: Universe
Political Views: Prevent Extinction
Birthplace: Cignus Nebula
Current City: Planet Xodeus, City 112a


Earth: 1914 - 2015


Starship Commander: 2014 - 2015



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John Tompson  >>  Steven the awesome
August 12, 2015 · Public

hi steven. thanks for the friends.
today is sunny. be thankful that steven is here on earth.
remember that steven is a part of life here in this world.

the world, and all life, is your family.
when you give your time to your friends, the life on earth, you are giving them a mountain of gold.
when we are not being poisoned by the industrial giant and a few people's bad decision making process, our health is greater than the value that any amount of wealth can bring the rich corporate industrialists who are poisoning us and making our lives end quicker.

if you want to heal the earth.
all you have to do is give your kindness.
even if it is to a single person or stranger that you happen to pass by.
even if it is by planting a single tree, or making one person smile.

John Tompson
July 30, 2015 · Public

John Tompson
July 30, 2015 · Public

John Tompson  >>  Pere Garau Burguera
July 30, 2015 · Public

pere, hi

Pere Garau Burguera:
"Who can relate?"

God has done architectural engineering.

John Tompson  >>  jQuery Dude
July 30, 2015 · Public

glad to make your acquaintance.

hello thomas