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Points: 455
Gender: Red&Round
Birthday: June 2, 1999
Religion: None
Political Views: None
Birthplace: Does it Matter?
Current City: Istanbul



+90 534 396 76 14 caglannet@gmail.com

Çağlan Turgut
December 17, 2015 · Public

The site has got weird since I've been here... Nice redesign btw :)

Çağlan Turgut
May 31, 2015 · Public

I'm moving to dormitory in about 3 months and I don't have a proper laptop to do all my work including gaming, programming etc. So far I found two decent looking models that are avaible in my country. Which one you think are better?

Çağlan Turgut  >>  wheatley the gallant
May 28, 2015 · Public

Happy Birthday Wheatley!!

Çağlan Turgut
April 4, 2015 · Public

Can someone please explain me the computer sceince related aspect of backgammon and surviving the wilderness:D Do they belong that category of tutorials section just because Bucky made them? Cool, I liked that actually...

Çağlan Turgut
February 20, 2015 · Public

Wow,I see lots of long, religious and political comments in my stream. I can smell those incoming bans... Easy everyone, please easy.