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Points: 419
Gender: Male
Birthday: April 26, 2000
Relationship: Single
Religion: Agnostic
Political Views: IDGAF
Birthplace: Geek Town
Current City: London


Mossbourne Community Academy: 2011 - 2014



LeProDude Steam: LeProDude

Brian Vodzi
August 22, 2014 · Public

Anyone live in London?

Brian Vodzi
August 21, 2014 · Public

Im going to do a lot of coding in the next academic year, and just so i can be realistic, how long does it take to make a fully working app/game/program? i dont want to give myself false hope. Please only comment if you are experienced like John G etc...

Brian Vodzi
August 19, 2014 · Public

Guess whos back?

Brian Vodzi
June 25, 2014 · Public

Man I feel left out :( what have u guys been up to? Will try and get my laptop fixed during the summer brewk

Brian Vodzi
June 19, 2014 · Public

Sup guys! Having been on in a while because my laptop broke. I'm using my phone right now