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Points: 24
Gender: Male
Relationship: Single
Religion: Islam
Political Views: i go for the best policies
Birthplace: Accra, Ghana
Current City: Accra




Ahmed Zaky
May 7, 2015 · Public

So what happened to Buckysroom.com???

Ahmed Zaky
November 18, 2014 · Public

Still finding difficulty in uploading my pictures to this site. Any help please??

Ahmed Zaky
November 17, 2014 · Public

Is hacking really bad ?

Ahmed Zaky
October 9, 2014 · Public

Have u see the new Fifa15 game? The new features are jux awesome! I fnk u shud see it for urself

Ahmed Zaky
September 22, 2014 · Public

Can anybody give me a short note on how to compile a console program? tnx.

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