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Points: 61
Gender: Male
Birthday: June 29, 1999
Relationship: Single
Birthplace: Australia



Ethan Fraser
January 21, 2015 · Public

69 Friends... Hehe

Ethan Fraser
October 7, 2014 · Public

So far my Web Development career has kicked off with Minecraft server sites... Yay? Any work available? :D

Ethan Fraser
October 6, 2014 · Public

The new BuckysRoom is a little harsh... "No one wants to be your friend"

Ethan Fraser
September 7, 2014 · Public

That moment when there's an add on BuckysRoom for a shop called "POPCHERRY". Seems a bit... odd

Ethan Fraser
August 12, 2014 · Public

I've just ordered a OnePlus One phone! Got the invite last night. I'm ecstatic!