Hi my name is Judy - I have been playing with computers for years - i decided to go for my bachelors in computer science - I had one year left and i was half way done my capstone project when in 9/2013 i was in an accident - a TBI injury has just about totally erased my memories lost about a 5 years of memories 4 years before and 1 year after (so basically all my college classes I was a++ cert, had my java. ++++ so much more and its all gone) - the neurologist said I may never get them back and that i will most likely have to relearn everything (and I may not even be able to relearn) - hell my spelling has just recently started improving - still suffer massive headaches and other symptoms and i am really tired of hearing just give it time - My brain does not work the same way it use to so please forgive me if i sound like im droning on - i wish to relearn everything again but i do not know were to start if you can give me a list of the first 3 things to relearn i would forever be grateful - thank you all for putting up with me -