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Kuroodo Ditory  >>  Bucky Roberts
May 15, 2015 · Public

Hey Bucky!

Today I figured out that I was infected by a keylogger (from a GTA V mod).

I'm trying to change my account password for this site, but in the password reset form it keeps telling me that my current password is incorrect. I have tried logging out and signing in to see if the current password I'm entering is correct. It is correct but it keeps telling me that it is incorrect when trying to change it :(

Kuroodo Ditory
April 27, 2015 · Public

OpenGameArt is a life saver

Kuroodo Ditory
February 6, 2015 · Public

Welp, facebooked locked my account yesterday in order to validate my name (they want my ID, in which I will never give). So I made a new account....it got locked as well.

Looks like I won't be using FB ever again! I hope TNB/BuckysRoom never becomes a pos like Facebook.

I need me a tuna sandwich to relieve my frustration.

Kuroodo Ditory
December 17, 2014 · Public

So bought UE4 sometime in November.

So far it's been awesome! :D

Made me an elevator and a bunch of other things.

Here's an inventory-gathering-crafting system I made! (Added some improvements after the video though)

Kuroodo Ditory
October 30, 2014 · Public

My current plans:

Continue developing games with Java (and releasing on android market).

Learn C++ on the side.

Thanks Bucky for such an amazing learning source!!!