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Points: 34
Gender: Male
Birthday: July 2, 1990
Religion: Manchester United
Birthplace: USSR
Current City: Munich, Germany



Igor Smirnov
September 21, 2015 · Public

does anyone know where can I buy zip jumper branded with Python thematic ?? Wanna have one like a nerd ahah

Igor Smirnov
November 8, 2014 · Public

I can't see video tutorials... is it only me or smth is going on?

Igor Smirnov
August 30, 2014 · Public

Hey guys! I'm outdated a bit, what does the reputation score mean in the profile info?

Igor Smirnov
July 18, 2014 · Public

Yo! Using Bucky's coding for the HTML5 video player, please can somebody drop a code that allows you to drag a progress bar? I am curious to learn this too but I cannot handle other internet sources...
Thanks in advance.

Igor Smirnov
July 14, 2014 · Public

This pic on the homepage just ............................. rofl