William Frost's Profile


Points: 1,268
Gender: Male
Birthday: November 5, 1990
Relationship: Single
Religion: Israel
Political Views: Bang Bang?
Birthplace: Krypton
Current City: Atlantis


BUCKYS ROOM: 1919 - 1928
UDACITY: 1913 - 1918
UNIVERSTY OF LIFE ;): 1957 - 2014




William Frost
November 29, 2016 · Public

How one does kill an immortal? reboots. reboots all the way.

William Frost
June 28, 2016 · Public

Sorry lads, Its a different Frost now. No more "That's racist". Those stuff from the kind when you die inside a nuclear missile lab after you tried to set the bombs off and then get revived. Traumatic.

William Frost
June 26, 2016 · Public

That moment when you trying to kill time it self to end a time loop caused by your evil doopleganger because of a paradox that caused by a time loop and you get pinged by tnb lads and while your trying to find what is pinging you get pulled into a portal.

William Frost
January 12, 2016 · Public

Is this thenewboston 2.0?

William Frost
October 25, 2015 · Public

Just passed 1,234 ;)