Hey Bucky!
Im making a basic app and just need a hand with some specific coding. Even just a point in the right direction for specific tutorials would be great! I have watched, and rewatched a lot of your videos on Android studio, and am trying to understand it all but a lot of it is just going over my head. I think im trying to learn too much too fast. Although I would love to learn every part of coding, time is a factor, and I cant afford to pay someone to do it for me, so here I am lol

So I need to know how to write the code for the following things:

-Make a login/sign up homepage and how to make the app store the details for each user.
-how to make the app recognise a registered user upon sign in
-A very basic home screen with the username, and buttons to select; send message, send picture, send voice message, received messages, received pictures, received voice messages
-And of course the pages that stem from these, add text, attach picture, record voice message etc

I know the basics for visuals, so it doesnt need to be pretty.
Also i realise a lot of your videos cover some/most of these things, but I Just wanted to cover all bases here

Any, and all help is very much appreciated!