Hello Bucky very good tutorials you have here.

I am new to 90%+ of this and hope to go from where I am now to knowing everything, well almost.

I have been viewing your tutorials on HTML5. Lessons 44 - 46, re: 'Drag and drop ' using Jscript. I managed to get the picture to show, but is unable to get the 'Drag and Drop' to work. I recall if memory serves me right. You mentioned in an earlier tutorial that all your relevant files and codes which goes with tutorials are on this site or forum somewhere. Below is a copy of my codes. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Also, any pointer to where I could locate your files and codes will would be awesome too

Thanks in advanced

function doFirst () {
mypic = document.getElementById ('facepic') ;
mypic.addEventListener ("dragstart", startDrag, false) ;
leftbox = document.getElementById ('leftbox') ;
leftbox.addEventListener ("dragenter", function (e) {e.preventDefault () ; }, false) ;
leftbox.addEventListener ("dragover", function (e) {e.preventDefault () ; }, false) ;
leftbox.addEventListener ("drop", dropped, false) ;

function startDrag (e) {
var code = ''
e.dataTransfer.setData ('text', code) ;*/
e.dataTransfer.setData ('Text', code) ;

function dropped (e) {
e.preventDefault () ;
leftbox.innerHTML = e.dataTransfer.getData ('Text') ;

window.addEventListener ("load", doFirst, false) ;