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T Amar  >>  Bucky Roberts
March 22, 2016 · Public

Hi Bucky,
Hi to all,
about the virtual try on application that I have to create...! I dont want you to give me the solution! I dont want you to give me the script! I was just looking for guidance from more experienced developers than me..! I am a newbie! Every element of help would be a step forward for me..!
This must be a standalone app.. Someone can download the app and then to upload there a photo and check if looks good with a specific pair of glasses...!
At first before I learn all this information.. when I heard about virtual try on app.. came in my mind HTML5 + javascript...! but now I am confused with the idea of a standalone app..!

T Amar  >>  Bucky Roberts
March 17, 2016 · Public

Hi Bucky,
Hi to all,
any chance to have some help on virtual try on application? I am trying to understand which technics should be used when you upload your profile photo on that app and then follows the procedure of try on (a pair of glasses)...! What is this procedure which matches your face photo with a pair of glasses?

T Amar  >>  Bucky Roberts
March 16, 2016 · Public

Hey Bucky,

How you doing?
Any chance to get some help? I need to understand how could I build a Virtual Try-On glasses app... Can I build it with python? I dont know how to approximate a project like that!
Thanks in advance...