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Superman HC  >>  Bucky Roberts
November 8, 2015 · Public

Ok so I can't post this question on the forum since its just an idea at step 1 so i don't know which group of forum it will be best suited..
I want to make something like musixmatch... it dynamically shows the lyrics of the music as the music plays on matching the music line and the line of the lyric file....
So what approach should i follow for the above problem of lyrics syncing.. the concept in form of web service (php, javascript, jquery) will be appreciated and suitable for me !

Superman HC  >>  Bucky Roberts
October 2, 2015 · Public

So I have learnt c++... but how can I apply this to real life scenarios like u said in music players or web based programming... lyk I haven't seen any black screen cmd like product in the market...
Kindly help regarding this... !!!

Superman HC
September 21, 2015 · Public

Worth watching once... =D :)

Superman HC  >>  Bucky Roberts
September 20, 2015 · Public

Bucky, suppose now you are doing networking tutorials... so do you remember any bit of your early days tutorials like php or C. If yes...PLEASE TELL ME HOW ??
As soon as I jump into another language that is more advance.... the previous tutorials seems alien...
Please tell me what's the solution....

Superman HC
September 15, 2015 · Public