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Malay Anand
May 15, 2015 · Public

ok, here i am trying to print the multiple of any number upto 10, that the users enter.
But it keeps giving me an error.
Don't know what the heck is wrong. Please help!

------CODE STARTS-------

# getting input number to calculate the desired table
table_number = input("Enter a number: ")

# calculator to cget the required table after getting the input from the user in the above line
def table_calculator(table_number):
for x in range((table_number * 10) + 1):
if x % table_number is 0:


Malay Anand  >>  Bucky Roberts
May 14, 2015 · Public

Hey Bucky...was just wondering. What do u do for a living??

Malay Anand
May 14, 2015 · Public

"Today is difficult, tomorrow is much more difficult, day after tomorrow is very beautiful.
But most die tomorrow evening. "
~ Jack Ma

Malay Anand
May 13, 2015 · Public