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Points: 257
Gender: Male
Birthday: March 21, 1970
Relationship: In a Relationship
Religion: Christian
Political Views: Only if it agrees with the Bible...I will vote for it
Birthplace: Fairfax Va
Current City: Rednecksburg...uh...I mean Fredericksburg Va



Todd Ries
May 29, 2015 · Public

Everything in MODERATION

My gift to the Ban Hammer

Happy Birthdayishness Bro!!!

Todd Ries
May 16, 2015 · Public

Since am on probation, I figure I would give you another treat.

I call this, "A day in a dog's life" ( A project I did in college)

The dog's viewpoint is in black and white. Everything else in color.

Todd Ries
May 15, 2015 · Public

Todd Smash puny car!!!

Todd Ries
May 14, 2015 · Public

I dressed up as Nick Fury because team needed a leader that would represent......When it was done I felt the oppression of the man..Yo!

Todd Ries
May 13, 2015 · Public

Hello...I am not an Impostor...I am 343 Guilty spark from Halo....Posing as Todd Ries...I promise i wont light the Halo rings and end all sentient life in the Galaxy...Oh..yeah..and in TNB...