Guys need your help!
We've been ask to write an algorithm for the question below.

Wesleyan University (WU) is a renowned academic institution with over 35,000 students on three campuses; Dansoman, Tema and Wenchi. The average class size is about 60 students for various courses.
You are a programming guru, and you have been tasked by WU to develop a detailed algorithm for a program to process student results for them at the end of each academic semester.
Processing involves:
Keeping track of each student from each campus
Each course shall be graded over 100%; broken down into two segments, Continuous Assessment and Final Examination, in the ratio of 30:70
Continuous Assessment marks may be further broken down depending upon the number of assignments given and the semester Intermediate Assessment examination.
The Final Examination marks may also be further broken down depending upon the number of questions given in the examination.