Hey Bucky Roberts. I love your videos on youtube. You made me to fall in love with programming :) I would like you to ask some favour if you wouldnt mind. I had an older brother Jonas. How hard for me to accept it, but he died in car accident in 2015-04-01. He was studying chemistry enginiering, but his passion was music. I miss him a lot... So i created channel on youtube for his remeberence where I upload latest songs and all the money earnd with this channel will be donated to charity. So if you would like to help me to grow this channel i would be thankful for you all my life. Channel name is Chemical sound and link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHudqDOJG_FFRbcO-cJhthw/featured
Thank you for you time and inspiration for programming. P.S. Make more educational videos, because they are fantastic :)))