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rudy martinez
April 25, 2015 · Public

rudy martinez
April 25, 2015 · Public

Hello, I am here to learn... I like Bucky's attitude

rudy martinez
April 25, 2015 · Public

I am new to web design. I have seen Bucky's tutorials and they have been a great help. Now I want to create an external css media rule link. I have searched and have tried many configurations, I just cannot make it happen.
I want a website that any browser and device can view legibly, i.e., iphone, ipad, laptop, desk...
I understand I need a link in html, I already have one external link, do I include a new link between new open and close and what should the link syntax be?
I think I must create a new media file .css, what should the syntax be in this file? I have tried many configurations already.

I know this can be done! My university MIS prof...? so called, claims there is a system problem and there is no solution... I do not believe him.

I want to learn the professional way.

Thank you

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