Hi Bucky,

I am karthik,25 from INDIA.

For the past 4 years i have been working on a Production Support ,where i am exposed to few Unix environments like start/stop the process,debug some scripts.

I was also into Internet Marketing from mid 2013 and i learned many things like PPD,PPC,CPA,CPV,PPV ,Google Adsense ...etc and i did earn few dollars.But i was not able to give my 100% work here since i had to do my regular 9-5 Jobs.

I always had an Interest in becoming a good Programmer and when i got to know about the INTERNET MARKETTING,i started to think to build some good products ,monetize and do more stuffs.

So,I have decided to take a career break for a year ,and start learning the code.Coming for a CS background i do know few basics on C,HTML,CSS,ASP and I still got to learn more code .But i am bit confused on how to start ? My area of interests are Android Apps and Web Applications developement.Your website has a complete package starting from the design --> coding and all the tutorials are very well organised.Thank you so much for your efforts.You know almost every Programming languages and that's really great dude. I would like to know how could you concentrate on all stuffs? and learn.

To learn the Web apps i may need to start learning HTML5,CSS3,Javascript,Ajax,Jquery,PHP,Ruby on Rails,Node.js bal bla.But for android development course should i learn java? or understand the basics java Concepts or can i directly start digging on Eclipse/Android Studio tools?

I can spend around 9-10 hours a day and i need to be more focused on learning.As i told you before that i am bit confused where to start and how to proceed,i would like your advise on how can i start?

End of my career break,i would like have a good knowledge on Android/Web development such that i can start building apps or find a good job.