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April 20, 2015 · Public

G'day moit. What'chya hackin' today?    >>  Bucky Roberts
April 20, 2015 · Public

Greetings people of anti-NSA day.

I was most recently banned, without being given a warning or reason, though I suspect the reason is that I commented on Bucky being hacked not long ago. He doesn't seem to like it when you don't immediately jump on his side and defend him... but I've known him for years, and as he says "Follow your heart", well I'm following my heart to tell you all this.

If you're not Bucky, please read this before you respond: At this point in time I have consistently been in the top 10% on StackOverflow (despite being inactive for over a year at one point) and have reached over 190,000 people with my answers. When I'm active, I'm well within the top 1%. Perhaps you might tell me that I'm not a useful user, but StackOverflow disagrees. Perhaps you can tell me that I'm rude, but if you read messages assuming the intention is to be rude then of course you're going to attribute a rude tone to it.

I -always- follow my heart. I'm sick of Bucky's NSA-like behaviour, and I'm going to fight it.