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Thomas Veith
February 17, 2017 · Public

Problem and solution – special characters ä, ü, ö or ß

Problem description

In December 2016 I bought a new desktop computer with Windows 10. I installed the newest version of xampp. After installing my database with phpmyadmin I had a bad error.

My php-program was not able to store the special characters ä, ü, ö or ß Into the database.

I tried to find out the error, but I was not successful – for example I used the utf8_encode function to change the strings into the utf8-format.


With the mysql_connect function I open the connection to the database. When this is successful, I write the following code:

mysql_query("SET NAMES 'utf8'");

After this line of code, everything works correct now.

Kind regards

Thomas Veith

Thomas Veith
January 3, 2016 · Public


This is a principle I should note! But I made a big mistake: I upgraded from windows 7 to 10. What happend: During my work, windows 10 shut down - without notice - and started a update. The result was a destruction of my grub boot system - I use this to select between Linux and Windows. The result was a damage of both systems and I was not able to recover my notebook - so I had to install windows 7 and all my programs again. Thank you Microsoft! I will never use Windows 10 again!

Thomas Veith
December 6, 2015 · Public

Who is Hoss? The only Hoss I know is from Bonanza, a TV series from the 1970th - but ok, I wirte somthing:
This website with the new style is really very beautiful :-)

Thomas Veith
August 29, 2014 · Public

Today in Italy / Florence - Monte Veccio (Old Bridge)

Thomas Veith
August 24, 2014 · Public

I few month ago I was invited to a vernissage to admire some new paintings from Veronika Olma. There was one that was very facinating: the black hole.
Enjoy it!