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Points: 8
Gender: Male
Relationship: Single
Religion: Freethinker Theist
Political Views: Crap
Birthplace: Makati, Manila Philippines
Current City: Manaoag, Pangasinan


Letran-Manaoag College: 2013 - 2015
The New Boston: 2013 - 2015



Eyeshield Rosalin
April 12, 2015 · Public

Eyeshield Rosalin
April 12, 2015 · Public

Hi Bucky I always watch the videos here in the new boston and I've been doing studying lessons here since 2013, almost two years now, and I've learned so much about these videos without a tuition fee.
Thanks so much, I have an account here before but I dont know why I cant log in anymore.
Anyways, I give proper credits to the video contributors here, Alex of Php Academy, Travis of MyBringback,
Sam for the Visual Basic Tutorials and especially the guy who loves Tuna, Bacon, Apples, Ham, and Crap stuffs. Everybody here must have known him ya-ha!